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Seinfeld - as seen on TV

A show about nothing wouldn't be anything without a steam radiator. George, Elaine, Kramer were constantly barging in and out of Seinfeld's New York apartment while the one truly recurring character and - I would say - the star of the show was the non-flippant iron radiator solidly set by the window. In all of Hollywood, you can't get a better cast than that, a Clow radiator Gasteam model. Ooooh! And here we thought this was a show about nothing.

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40 pages of patent documentation

We wouldn't watch if it weren't steamy hot

In Music

For Pajama Games there is Patti Page and the 1954 Steam Heat musical. Of course, steam radiators operate in total silence - not whisper quiet sounds, no, deafening silence... The sort of silence that makes you feel alive because you hear your heart beat pounding.

For (belles) and whistles, Youtube is loaded with singing renditions of the music hall performance. It goes pshh, bang and clang.

Steam Heat Musical




A little while back on Live with Regis and Kelly, Regis Philbin was explaining to Kelly Ripa how once after the TV show, on a cold and dreary day in New York, he had been expecting the viewership numbers. It had been one of those days where the drizzle on the window panes makes you want to cozy up indoors with your favorite program.

Regis had been waiting for the phone call while sitting on an armchair right in front of what he called a heater; he explained also how the purring steam radiator was just so good at giving off so much of the good heat while everything else seemed so gray outside. He painted a wonderfully comfortable image of himself snuggling up to the heater.

Meanwhile, Michael Gelman, his producer, phoned in the results. Regis, on the other end of the line, was listening and listening and listening... until he fell asleep. The melting charm of the radiator had simply been too much.

Thank you Regis for such a heartwarming endorsement of steam heat and thank you for warming up our TV sets each and everyday.

The viewership numbers were fantastic - of course.



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