Elijah H. Brownell
picture of Elijah H. Brownell

ELIJAH HANCHETT BROWNELL, started in business in Dayton in 1855 in a small shop, located on Cooper Street, at the corner of Foundry Street. His business was that of building and repairing boilers. His shop was 15x35 feet in size, and he employed but two men, besides himself. He continued without a partner until 1865, when he associated with himself James H. Brownell and Thomas J. Driscoll, under the firm name of Brownell & Company. This firm lasted until 1877, when, upon the death of James H. Brownell, the partnership was dissolved and Mr. Driscoll went to Columbus. Elijah H. Brownell continued the business under the old firm name until 1880, when it became necessary to change it because of there being another Brownell & Company. in the city, and Elijah H. was placed before the old name, making it Elijah H. Brownell & Company. This arrangement continued until 1888, when Mr. Brownell sold to Graves & Marshall, a firm being composed of Henry C. Graves and George M. Marshall. This firm has greatly enlarged and increased the facilities of the works, which are located at Numbers 403 to 407 East First Street. They now employ about seventy men, having doubled their force in the past two years. They now intend erecting a large two-story building, covering their entire grounds, which shall be equipped with every modern improvement and convenience. They manufacture marine, locomotive, stationary, and house-heating boilers, rotaries, tanks, smokestacks, and general sheet iron work, and have a very large trade in all parts of the country.

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