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Why Dayton?


The further south you go, the hotter it gets. Dayton straddles the line where we get to enjoy full blown summers as well as full blown winters - it's just that either one doesn't last the entire year. This, of course, makes for the enjoyment of much mechanical gadgetry in our utilities' closet, enough of each to match anything nature will throw at us without ever anything becoming a bore. I'd like to think our boilers hit a homerun at every pitch, and, at least here in Dayton, you and I have Heater the Dragon who blows steam up his nostrils every time he wins; he also has Gem to snuggle up with.

It's cool here in the southwest  of Ohio: just waiting for the weather to change is enough excitement to match the dark night until the next ball season. 

And because it's Dayton -We're airborne 

Here is  a night view of the region I took on the approach to DAY. It's a cozy picture because of the so many homes heated with steam radiators. Much of what's in the frame is built for steam. Most of downtown is, most of all the large industrial facilities are, and so are many of the commercial buildings around downtown, churches, hospitals, schools, all heated with the efficiency of quick heated steam. It glows. Further to the east, we have Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which is almost all steam and further to the south we have Oakwood and the older part of Kettering which are impressively heated with steam. Wilbur and Orville Wright gave us aviation and their radiators gave them steam heat.

Smart people  

Why Steam? 
-To match our climate... anything that will fly has to be at least as quick to change as Ohio weather is.
                                                                           Please stay warm.

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C. G. Egli Inc
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About half way between downtown and the National Museum of the US Air Force. From I-75 exit 53B it's due east on First Street, drive by downtown, by the 16 floor Biltmore Towers which was a star feature of a 1929 steam heat equipment catalog, keep driving past FifthThird Baseball Field, the original DELCO and Frigidaire plants, the old Barney and Smith railcar company, the future of Dayton Tech Town campus, then follow the site and canal of the Dayton Hydraulic Company, and when First Street wyes into Springfield Street - we're there. We're on the land once occupied by the Brownell Boiler Co and the Atkins Coal Co. With the Dayton Heat Treat and Forge, the area breathes steam.
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